NYC Chili Bowl & Chili For Charity
We're local citizens that believe service to our community and all its members is essential to the well-being of everyone.  Through local fundraisers and events we bring communities together to help others, to socialize, and to have fun....together.
Chili Bowl Goals:
  • Raise money and awareness for the food pantry.
  • Bring the community together.
  • Bring seniors/elderly to the function (address isolation and dignity factor).
  • “Franchise” the process of throwing a fundraiser.  Create and distribute a “how to throw a community fundraiser” Thus, Demystifying the illusion that it’s hard to do.

As well, we're here to have fun, meet our neighbors, help others, and taste really good chili​.
The Food Pantry:
The Church of the Good Shepherd has a strong tradition of reaching out to others in the community, especially those in need. Held every Saturday AM, the Parish Food Pantry serves approximately 3500 people each month.

As well, their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive assists more than 300 people and/or families and our annual Christmas Toy Drive allows hundreds of children in New York City shelters the opportunity and the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning.